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A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that exercising with a personal trainer can improve your strength by up to 45 percent more than exercising without supervision and can help you achieve that goal up to 30 percent faster! Our Personal Training programmes are exclusive, designed with clients in mind and have unique service offerings.


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  • Personalized Service – you will be assigned a qualified and dedicated personal trainer who will, based on your requirements, guide you on exercise techniques to maximize your results
  • Guidance on Nutrition- depending on the programme you choose, you will get specific 7-day meal plan design by our dieticians or sample meal plans drawn by experts to fast track your results
  • Post programme support – we will provide a post-programme support (for our Total Program) to sustain your achievements and keep you committed to exercise
  • Flexibility – you get to choose where to exercise at your own convenient time; at our gym, at your office gym or even at your own home as long as there is an appropriate space to conduct a full body workout
  • Free Gym Membership – you get free use of our gym facility when you sign up for any of our unique personal training programmes
  • Discounts – for the LEANBODIES Total Programme, get a partner who has the same fitness goals to train with you and both will get good discounts


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LEANBODIES offer a variety of personal training programmes to suit your need. Whichever programme you choose, we will ensure you will obtain a dedicated and qualified personal trainer to train you. Plus you get expert guidance on nutrition as we believe you can only get into shape and achieve your health and fitness  objectives by a combination of proper exercise and good nutrition.


LEANBODIES Total Programme
This is a 36-session programme that runs for 12 weeks. The objective of the programme is to coach you step-by-step to achieve your fitness objectives. This programme comes with a custom design 7-day meal plan by our dietician to help you get results faster. Post-programme, you will receive continuous support for up to 6 months from the date of your first session. We want to ensure you keep your gains.


LEANBODIES Busy Executive Programme
This is a 24-session programme carried out 3 times a week for a period of 8 weeks. The objective of the programme is to guide you on exercise guidelines, techniques, optimizing exercise time, applications of nutritional guidelines and its importance in exercise and weight management. You will get a 2-day sample meal plan based on your fitness objectives.


LEANBODIES Body Conditioning Programme
This is a 12-session programme carried out in 4 weeks. The objective of this programme is to condition your body and jump-start you on exercise. We will guide you on how to progress your workouts to achieve your fitness objectives. You will also be guided on the importance of good nutrition in exercise and health.


LEANBODIES Fit Programme
This is a 6-session programme carried out in 2 weeks. This programme intends to accelerate your fitness objectives and it is aimed at regular exercisers who may have hit a plateau or not getting good yield from his/her existing routine. You will learn a variety of methods in cardio and strength training to break plateaus and quickly gain results.


LEANBODIES Get Energized Programme
This is a 3-session programme carried out in 1 week. The objective of this programme is to quickly roll you into an exercise routine. This programme is typically for those who have been exercising before. As with all our other programmes, you will receive guidance on the importance of nutrition to get better, quicker results.

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